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Thanks to such filmmakers as choreographers Tang Chia and Yuen Cheung-yan (brother of Matrix master Yuen Woo-ping), this battle between Scorpion, Snake, and Centipede sects to create the "...DOWNLOAD

















































Thanks to such filmmakers as choreographers Tang Chia and Yuen Cheung-yan (brother of Matrix master Yuen Woo-ping), this battle between Scorpion, Snake, and Centipede sects to create the "Five Poison Web" makes for a first class action film. "Snake" Liu Shen (Lo Lieh), aware that The Five Venom Spider has been used to kill innocents, suggests using it at a tournament to crown "The King Boxer" of The Martial Arts World. His suggestion is rejected... so he seduces one of The Chief's concubines. They decide to spread the rumor that The Spider Sect will be using The Five Venom Spider in the upcoming tournament. Fei Ying Sung (Yueh Hua) is sent to investigate. Ying Jie (Wang Chung) is also dispatched. Fei intervenes on a Keystone Kops-like fight between a "beggar" (Hong Susu) and a group of cooks, then battles The Three Saints of Shaolin." (Which he does because HE'S "The Three saints of Shaolin," so called because he specializes in sword play, the lute, and chess.) The misunderstanding is straightened out by a priest (Ku Feng). The "beggar," who has been hiding and watching, tells Fei to be at Silver Lake that night- where she reveals herself to be female. "Meet me back here in ten days' time," she tells him, and she'll have info on The Spider Sect. From her father, leader of the sect, she learns that only by ingesting The Nether Plant can The Five Venom Spider venom be withstood. Clans begin to fight for the map to the graveyard where The Five Venom Spider is buried. Wang Chung ends up with the map and sees the members of one clan succumb to the booby traps in the temple, enters... and finds The Five Venom Spider. While some of the fx in THE WEB OF DEATH may not be "up to snuff" for some people, I didn't find them too troubling: the twists and turns the story never stops taking keeps the mind occupied (the eyes can take care of themselves). The spider shoots acidic, electrified webbing and poisonous gas and is a fairly decent monster as far as monsters go. Give it a look. Yuen Chor is possibly the most Chinese culture based of all of the Shaw directors. HIs films are almost always based on a work of literature and his film sets are designed like classical Chinese illustrations. On the other hand he has directed some of the most absurd costume dramas that came out of the studio. Web of Death is an entertaining mix of both Yuen Chor styles.

The film starts out immediately with the crazy stuff as the Five Venom Spider is used to kill a group of fighters. Unlike other films of this nature, the spider is an actual spider that is kept in a metal lamp. Open the lamp and the tarantula sized spider roars like an elephant and shoots out an enormous amount of smoke and multi-colored rays that turn into poisonous web. That sets the tone of the film. Actually the script is much better then later Yuen Chor martial world dramas that are less crazy. The story based around the daughter of the Poison clan leader is compelling and reminiscent of "Crouching Tiger".

The story moves with a good pace although the editing gets uneven at the end. The sets are opulent and the lighting is very moody. Some of the film approaches a magical realism, at one point the heroine, for example, boats across a lake on a large cherry blossom branch that moves with a wave of the hand. Later the film gets surreal as we are treated to the spectacle of ten super martial artists fearfully surrounding a life size tarantula.

Fun and strange with better drama then normal for this genre.


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